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About Rock Inc. 

Rock Inc. has been a staple in the Sacramento community since our opening in 2007. Our goal is to provide professional, experienced, and personal music instruction to students of almost all ages.

Our philosophy is that learning music of any genre should be a fun exciting experience. Too often do we hear of the music teacher who is lacking in energy and makes music feel like a chore. At Rock Inc. that's not what we are about, and it sure isn't what has made us fall in love with music in the first place. We like to balance out our education and instruction with things that a student will need to know along with things they want to know.


What We Teach

At Rock Inc. we focus on five main categories of music instruction. We specialize in teaching Guitar, Audio Production and Engineering, Bass, Vocals, and Piano. Students are welcomed and encouraged to take multiple instruments if they would like. As instructors, we believe that we should serve the student by adhering to whatever it is they feel passionate for while still maintaining an educational and prosperous curriculum. 


Whether it be electric or acoustic, at Rock Inc. our instructors will teach guitar of all genre and skill level.  Our lesson plan can be specially form fitted to your learning needs and desires. We focus on everything from technique, music theory, chords, melodies, you name it! As long as you're learning we're happy! 


In today's world music grows more and more technological. At Rock Inc. we embrace that. We focus on everything from making beats to recording to engineering to mixing and mastering. Whether you want to make Hip-Hop music, EDM, or learn how to record your own band, we will teach you all of that and everything in between inside our full HD studio. 


We believe everyone has their own unique voice. At Rock Inc. our focus is to get the best sounding "you" you can be. Whether you sing to yourself in the car and want to take it to next level, or are a professional looking to polish some things up; at Rock Inc. we focus on a combination of fundamentals and creativity to get the best performance and growth we can. 


Bass guitar is where rhythm, groove, and melody all meet. The bass provides the low end in a huge variety of genres and is an essential part of music. At Rock Inc. we teach all genres anywhere from heavy metal picking to learning how to slap the bass in a funk style. Our hope is for you to learn the genre and style you want and to grow as far as you can in it. 


Piano includes the the whole musical note range and is a fundamental instrument in almost every genre. Skills on piano can be applied to Rock, Electronic, Hip Hop, Classical, Country, Funk, You name it! We love to teach piano in a fun and creative way to fit the needs of the student while still maintaining a great curriculum.

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Do you have any questions regarding music lessons and/or our recording studio? Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have or call us at any time.

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7366 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights Suite #2 95610